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February 9, 2007

Oldest Living Crawford

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son of Rufus R. Crawford
married living Pitman
children:5 children 2 deceased, 3 living

Rufus R. Crawford

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of Hurst GA
born 1872
died Nov 24, 1937
Son of James Earnest (Jimmy) and Martha Ann Kendall
children: Iva, Emma, Clem, Wayne, Arthur, Silvie, Living
sisters/brothers: Mark b1870, Jane b1885 d1938, George Brownlow b1881 d1940, Grant

James Earnest

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b 1836
son of John Crawford

why is the name Samuel Hunter Crawford on this card? Who is Levi Crawford, whose card this originally was?

John not Samuel Hunter?

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son of John Crawford 1787
mother a Hunter
M styles

George Washington Crawford Sr.

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b. 1740 in Virginia
son of Valentine Crawford

Valentine Crawford Jr

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b 1724/1734 in VA
dcirca 1778
son of Valentine Sr
brother William
children: Joseph, Moses, GWC, William, John, Elizabeth, Valentine JR, Effie, Rachel
friend to George Washington the president

Valentine Crawford Sr

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b 1678 Orange Co, VA
d?? 1736 (or John did)
son of John Crawford
or born 1706/died 1728

(John or) William Crawford

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b 1640 in Scotland
son of George Crawford

George Washington Crawford Jr.

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son of George Washington Crawford Sr
b.1740? in Virginia

George Crawford

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b in Kilbrive, Ayshire Scotland
son of Alexander Crawford

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